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Invest Southwest Ltd


When Dave Penny (Managing Director) first envisioned Invest Southwest he approached us to help provide them with there Business IT Support and to get them off the ground. As a new company they had a severely limited IT budget and with only 2 users their needs where small.


Since that point in 2007 we have helped to support, manage and expand Invest Southwest's IT and data infrastructure to encompass 10 Internal Workstations and 12 External Advisors. To manage the network we have deployed a Windows Small Business Server which provides them with all the email and data collaboration they require, coupled with the level of security required to keep their client data safe.

There work relies heavily on email communication and the ability to pick this essential resource up from anywhere. To compliment this they utilise an online Cloud based software package for managing client data and portfolio's as well as there own in-house data requirements.

In 2016 Invest Southwest moved into their beautiful 18th Century premises in Hammet Street, Taunton. As part of this huge redevelopment, technology was at the forefront to take Invest Southwest to a new level. We introduced and set about virtualising there entire IT system. Utilising Virtual Desktop Ifrastructure, we have deployed a building wide VDI solution to allow all users their own workstation anywhere in the building or remotely without the type of compromises that come with other hot desk solutions. It also gives users flexibility of this resource from all manor of mobile devices and from remote locations. And due to the nature of the setup no data ever leaves the building as users work via the internet to their own virtual PC



Invest Southwest Ltd

1st Floor,

49/50 East Reach










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