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Kynaston Autobodies Group Ltd


In mid 2013 we where approached by Kynastons Autobodies Taunton to evaluate there I.T infrastructure and try and fix some of the internal issues mainly speed and reliablility.

It became apparent very quickly (and not uncommonly) that the previous company had not maintained the system and that they were not getting the support they needed.


After successfully dealing with the numerous problems in Taunton, Barry Davis (Kynaston Group General Manager) invited us down to evaluate there 3 Exeter Sites and the group as a whole.


It was soon established that there was a desperate need  to streamline the business and make it more efficent.


Stage 1: Prior to our envolvment the company had recently procured a new server. However it was being severely underused and was poorly configured. At the same time the Kynastons Group had a large monthly cloud email expenditure.

It was at this point that we took the unusual step of suggesting bringing all offsite email services back inhouse. We fully reconfigured the server and transferred them back from Office 365 to inhouse Windows Small Business Server 2011 and have bought about a saving over £400 per month. We then setup a multisite installation and linked all 3 external sites (2x Exeter and 1 x Taunton) back to the main offices at Kynastons thus acting as a "Cloud" services for the Group.


Stage 2: At the time of taking over Kynastons I.T all 3 Exeter sites where running as independent ventures. From an I.T management perspective this is both inefficient and uneconomical as it resulted in 3 servers with 3 broadband connections and 3 separate networks.
As 2 sites are located adjacent to each other and those sites have line of site to back the head office 1 mile down the road, we set about linking the two sub-sites via our Fluid Mesh wireless system (which offers upto 25miles Line Of Site) thus creating 1 complete network system. We then worked closely with there Autobodies software company (Autoflow) and reconfigured the network so that all 3 companies are utilising the main server at head office.


Stage 3: The next part of the process is to link up Taunton with Head Office in Exeter. The Taunton area has recently been the subject of large scale Fibre roll out. Taking advantage of this our aim in the 3rd part of 2014 is to establish a site to site VPN link and setup a secondary server onsite at Exeter to provide remote apps back to Taunton thus centralising all the groups I.T.



Head Office

Kynaston Autobodies Ltd

32 Marsh Green Road West
Marsh Barton Trading Estate





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